The abuse the river underwent physically and verbally was brutal in the hands of human beings. It had ceased to flow and stagnated with a stench pervading through its length and breadth.

A group of artists stumbled upon the thought of working along the river, not necessarily to clean it but use the space on its banks and create a visual sight and capitalize on it. A public discourse was created in the order of emancipating the river. Enthusiasts joined the project in good will and proposals were made and sent to various government organisations and corporate offices for funds. The budget inflated every third day according to the whims and fancies of the team. But its details remained unaltered without any specifics. The cause of the river got drained in the greed for artistic recognition and monetary gain.

Nature foresaw the treachery to be committed in its name and rose in revolt. The blue sky and the winter mist dissipated under black clouds and nonstop rain shower drenched the earth in two spells for more than seventy two hours. The river swelled. Century old trees uprooted. Pipelines broke. Earth refused to absorb water. Traffic stalled. Life came to a standstill, but the river flowed in full throttle. All that humans had accumulated and discarded into the river floated back into their residence. Houses turned into drains and trash cans. Human existence was threatened. Rain was cursed. Political mileage was sought. Fervent prayers recited. Caste, religion and class dissolved as human concern peeped. Enthusiasts associated with the project withdrew in despair. People fled to save their lives and returned after a brief.

A handful of them realised the error caused by them against nature and themselves. The rest chose to ignore and continued to create more damage. The government managed to prevent outbreak of epidemic diseases. Political parties blamed each other. There was continued hype about the impending art festival along the river banks for the river, until the day arrived. The festival was called off citing insufficient funds and it being improper in the current milieu, quoting people would not be in the best of their mindset to receive it well. In a fortnight the river dried to expose its sand and breathe sunlight after a spate of washing out all that was thrust into it and upon it.


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