Familiar, yet so distant

It had grown over years
Owing to time and distance,
Of the innumerable crevices
And blemished patches, I had
Looked in awe on its first
Encounter, grew into strange
Inexplicable fear, unnerved by its
Presence, every day by my side.
Time and tide
Changed perspectives,
Cognizance of blotches,
Above the layers behind a
Tale of tragedy, surfaced enough courage
To trace its physical contours
And dissolve in memory
From its exotic status to
An ordinary experience.
Tracing the bearer of
Those exquisite scars after
Years of dissolved memory,
The referral mind deludes to
Pick the exoticism associated
Despite the congenial company enjoyed
In one’s presence; thus
Making the heart a guilty culprit
For the mind’s judgement.

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